Collective Day of Prayer

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At `Common Word Centre` beside the Jame Masjid Sohan Islamabad

Allama AGR Chishti

On12 February ~Collective Day of Prayer was held at `Common Word Centre` beside the Jame Masjid Sohan Islamabad Pakistan Dr Chishti Presided over the function while Malik `Aamir Hus Pastor Adil Masieh leading the prayers on front there are MrSaif-ul-Allah Saif, his Consort from USA, Mr Saif is Chairman Markaz Group of Newspapers and Markaz TV Channel Pastor Arif Sardar Masieh, Ms Tasneem URI Youth TrainerDr Chishti Malik Aamir Husain Chairman UC Sohan Local Government of PakistanMr Imani Baha`I faith, and Mr Oam Parkash Hudu Dharm, while on opposite there are people from various religions prticipants. head of Local Government was the Chief Guest and it was first time when the the refreshment was provided to the participants from various religions incorporated in the Pakistan, on the roof of the same Mosque. Print and electronic media was invited about 15 newspapers flashed the news specially `The News`(English) the group of Jang Newspapers and Geo Tv `The Nation` (English) Pakistan Observer (English) On Line News Desk (English Hot Line (English) while many Urdu newspapers.

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