Character Education and Peace Building (PEKANADA) (8535)

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Character Education and Peace Building is a program that consists of Meditation, Values for interfaith dialogue, Social outreach and Peace Building. This is for children, Religion teachers, widows and university students of different faiths.

From 9:00am until 9:00pm

At Jalan Ambon, 25


Religius Sacre Coeur de Jesu (RSCJ - Indonesia), University Catholic Parahyangan, The State Islamic University Bandung and The Asia Foundation / +628176647569

Pekanada - in Indonesian stands for Pendidikan Karakter dan Bina Damai (Character Education and Peace Building) This program is for people of different faiths; they will consist of - Children - University Students - Religion teachers - Widows The activities from the 31st January, 2018 to 3rd March, 2018 will be: - Programs on Peace, Respect, Love and Tolerance - Meditation to enter into the peace of ones own heart - Values for Interfaith dialogue through Character Education and Peace Building - Outreach to widows of different faiths. - These events will end with the empowerment of a core group to continue the dialogue and be 'agents of peace and change' All of these events will be held in different places i.e schools, universities, villages(where the widows dwell) and the base will be in RSCJ Jalan Ambon, 25, Bandung, 40115 Indonesia

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