Celebration of Interfaith Harmony week

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celebration of interfaith harmony week to sensitize and motivate communities for peace

From 1:00am until 2:00am


Main park Road Shahzad twon Islamabad

Hayat-e-Nou / +92512321537 - 03335326995

Hayat-e-Nou is a civil society organization established in 2005 and registered 2008 under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies act 1961 Islamabad registration No VSWA/ICT/525 Hayat-e-Nou is also registered with United Religions Initiative (URI). It is working since 2005 in the urban and rural area of Potuhar region Islamabad lead by a famous and Pakistani first lady peace mubilizer Mrs. Khurshied Malik, with a vision to have a socially integrated and economically prosperous society where tolerance, equality and justice prevail. Hayat-e-Nou is committed to the eradication of ignorance by mainstreaming deprived children into regular schools. It looks for the empowerment of women by creating micro enterprises and promoting income generating activities. Since its establishment Hayat-e-Nou has accomplished a number of intervention using its own resource and volunteers. The intervention ranges from institutional development to social sector services and capacity building for self-empowerment. Skilled development is the key intervention area under the social sector of Hayat-e-Nou . Hayat-e-Nou train to 578 orphan and widow in various sectors like sewing, computer, and office services, carpentry, blacksmith. Hayat-e- Nou also distribution of Eid and charismas gift to orphan and widows and other needy poor men and women with the support of various philanthropist of national and international level, and also encourage and arranged various program for senior citizen, organizing peace and interfaith harmony seminar for global peace, distribution of Jehaz and survival kit to poor needy girls, children welfare, basic education to needy and provide free legal aid to needy community of the area. We are now in a process of to celebration interfaith harmony week to sensitized and motivate for peace. Celebration Interfaith Harmony Week The basic aim of this event is to help develop a pluralistic society in Pakistan where people of different beliefs can live together in peace and exercise basic human rights such as right of life, right of religion, right of liberty, right of security, and freedom of expression. The event week work with involving Christians, Muslims and others, and religious and civil leadership in the focus area of Islamabad. They seek to increase awareness about human rights and minority issues through seminars aimed at opinion makers; and help to develop capacity through lectures, interfaith harmony walk in various school, Colleges and universities, get to gather party of Christians and Muslims, distribution of gift to Christians and Muslims poor community. During the event week organization arrange lecture program on interfaith harmony through printed and digital media, Most of the event also build up relationships between Christians and Muslims by developing clusters who begin to work together on harmony and peace issues and encouraging and supporting joint interfaith initiatives by partners. Details of interfaith harmony week 1st February 2016, Lecture program in CAMSAT University Islamabad the program will start 10:00 am to 12:00 the program will be sensitize students of university on interfaith harmony and able to them for formation of interfaith harmony group in university level. 2nd February 2016 Walk on interfaith harmony with the students of Educator and Bacon house education system Islamabad. 3rd February 2016 The organization arrange party with Christens, Muslims and bayi community during the party Chairperson Hayat-e-Nou Mrs. Khaurshid Malik will address and briefed them about the important of interfaith harmony for peace 4th February 2016 The organization has planned to walk with students into parliament house and aware them about to develop a proper policy on interfaith harmony and celebration of interfaith harmony in national level. 5th February 2016 The organization has planned to visit various hospital for carry of patients and provide gift and other support to poor patients and aware them about interfaith harmony. 6th February 2016 The organization has planned to lecture program in Churches and mission school on the important of interfaith harmony among the Christens and Muslims for peace 7th February 2016 The final program of interfaith harmony will be held at Riaz Place Chatta Bahktawar Islamabad the various scholars, community activists, students, teachers, elected representatives will participate in this program and in the end of program it will be form interfaith harmony committee involving community activists of Christens and Muslims.

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