celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week

In Germany by


At First Church of Christ, Scientist (a branch of the First Church of Christ, Scientist founded by Mary Baker Eddy


UPF Germany

The guests – made up of people from over 12 nationalities and faiths, all deeply motivated by the desire to set a sign for more peace and harmony between religions – were warmly welcomed into the large, bright room. The atmosphere was prepared by beautiful organ music which filled the room and helped us to ready ourselves internally for the peace prayer and ceremonies. After a greeting by the committee chairman of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Ms Heidrun Leverentz, a deeply receptive atmosphere was created by a very moving song from Cornelia Ragg. Then followed an address by Lutz Leverentz, deputy chairman of the House of Religion in Stuttgart. He reminded us that King Abdullah II of Jordan proposed a Week of Interreligious Harmony on 23 September 2012, in order to counteract the division between people of different religions created by misunderstandings and mistrust, since mankind is connected not only by common interests, but also by God’s commandments which tell us to love God and our neighbor. When we ask ourselves why the power of division is so strong; why there are war and assassinations and people seeking recourse in hate; then we must come to the conclusion that we have not loved enough.

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