Brown Bag and Beliefs

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The Multi-faith Centre is proud to present our third in a series of Brown Bag and Beliefs sessions - Israel and Palestine: Listening, Respect, and Dialogue toward Peace and Reconciliation.

From 12.00 pm until 1.00 pm

At Richmond Rotunda

KPU Chaplain, Dr Jennifer Roosma / [email protected]

Everyone is invited to attend this series which will focus on encouraging learning and respectful conversation about each other's beliefs.


Guest Dena Nikolai:

Dena Nicolai is a Chaplain and Refugee Support Mobilizer with the Christian Reformed Church, helping to build bridges between refugees and faith communities seeking to support them. Prior to moving to Vancouver in 2011, she lived and worked in the Middle East for four years, and has traveled extensively in Israel-Palestine, speaking with academics, faith leaders, students, human rights activists, and others there. This included a research trip in 2012 in which she visited and spoke with numerous people involved in reconciliation and dialogue initiatives between Israelis and Palestinians, and between Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  


with KPU Chaplain, Dr Jennifer Roosma

Jennifer Roosma is a member of the Tapestry Church in Richmond, has M.A. in Applied Theology from Regent College. Jennifer's other hat is medical - she is a GP working part-time as a surgical assistant in the operating room. Jennifer has made two recent visits to Israel and is connected with reconciliation and coexistence projects between Israelis and Palestinans on the ground there.

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