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The Institute for Islamic Studies and Society

Misbach Tamrin is an artist with leftist leanings (of the “left”) who became a victim in 1965, and was imprisoned without trial in the Soeharto government for 13 years. The Institute for Islamic Studies and Society (LK3) held the discussion on him, on the book “Sailing in the Midst of a Storm – Misbach Tamrin in a turmoil of politics and art” by Hairus Salim HS and Hajrainsyah which is a biography of Misbach Tamrin. The discussion, including also human rights, was very intense. This was also part of World Interfaith Harmony Week 2016. After being given freedom in 1978, Misbach Tamrin continued his skills in painting and sculpture. Although he experienced a lot of discrimination and social exclusion (which was the case of all who had been branded communists in the Soeharto era), he continued his work, and now in his memory, statues and monuments stand tall as a landmark in the city of Banjarmasin as well as other cities in South Kalimantan

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