Antigen-Antibody Interactions (4386)

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Advances in Immunodiagnosis and antigen Antibody Reaction

From 9:15am until 7:15am

At Online event

40 Bloomsbury Way,Lower Ground Floor, online event

Lifescience Events / 20 3807 3712

This online event will focus on the latest advancements and research in antigen-antibody interactions. It will also discuss the parameters of the Antigen Antibody Interactions and the various effects like valency and affinity, Estimating antibody affinity and kinetics, the interaction of antibodies with soluble antigens, Radio-immunoassays, Immunofluorescence. This online event gathers the world’s best experts, doctors, academic scientist and researchers to exchange and share their research experience in the field of Immunology. It’s highly advised for those who are working in the fields of Immunology, microbiology, pharmacy and other research areas. It is an innovative platform for Research scientists, immunologists and pharmaceutical professionals involved in basic and translational research related to laboratory diagnostics, including immune-haematology.

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