an Interfaith Relation Conference

In Pakistan by


Allama AGR Chishti

On 3rd February an Interfaith Relation Conference was organised by Modern Islamic Study Centre with kind cooperation of the F C College administration, at FC College University, Lahore. Audience questioned Dr Chishti that how the followers of the two influential religions Islam and Christianity may reconcile the situation where one says my religious scripture is intact while other`s diappeared? Dr Chisht replied saying this is a preconceived wrong concept and not really of Quranic based but it will be overcome by research on the issue, The same day of 3 February 2016 at evening Dr Chishti attended a WIHW celebration Program in Lahore at thre residence of Me Tahir Khalil Sandho Provincial Minister for Human Right and Minority Affaires Punjab Pakistanthe program was organized by multi organisations such as URI

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