ACWAY Interfaith & Diversity Harmony (209)

In Ghana by


Training session and community outreach by ACWAY volunteers to educate men and women to raise awareness about peace and harmony in interreligious relation.

At Kanvilli Community, Ghana


ACWAY Interfaith youth team of volunteers in Ghana had a training session on the implementation of their Interfaith & Diversity Harmony project in Kanvilli, a suburb of Tamale. A total of 11 youth volunteers offered to work on this project, but 9 volunteers show up for the first session of training led by ACWAY fellow Inusah Akansoke Al-Hassan. The training concentrated on Interfaith and Diversity issues within the Kanvilli community. Necessary organizations were made for a community outreach sensitization on Interfaith and Diversity; and on February 15, 2017, 7 volunteers showed up for the community outreach sensitization. Our team successfully educated men and women who were at their shops and hangouts on the need to foster Interfaith and Diversity tolerance and cooperation for peace and harmony within the Kanvilli community. An estimated total of 115 local residents of Kanvilli received the message of Interfaith and Diversity Harmony from the ACWAY team.

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