A Week of Diversity Celebrations

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A week of events designed to foster positive interactions between groups of people who rarely have a chance to meet people whose race, religion or ethnicity is different from their own

From 4:00pm until 9:00pm

At Various including a Church, Synagogue and a Mosque

1105 Quarrier St. Charleston WV 25301

West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry / +1 304 346-9689

The West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry, a group of Muslim, Jewish and Christian clergy and laypersons, is preparing the Week of Diversity Celebrations for our community because we believe that only personal interactions between people can counter the anti-refugee sentiment that is on the rise in cities and towns in America. Our city of Charleston, West Virginia, USA is a place with a long history of coal mining. Poverty rates are high, and educational opportunities are available, but often out of reach for financial reasons. Most residents are Protestant Christians, both in the mainstream denominations and Evangelical denominations. Jew and Muslims have lived here for well over 100 years, but interactions between groups are not as common as they could be. Our community also has a strong African-American community, but unfortunately churches and lives are often segregated. We hope that a week of positive opportunities for groups who rarely meet, to get together, discuss issues and have fun, will diminish fear of the 'other' and promote friendships. We want our community to be a place where people protect each other from xenophobia. Here is the schedule for our Week of Diversity Celebrations (subject to change - we have been asked to also link the week to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebrations in January 2016, and we are considering adding travel to hold events in other places in our state or region that have problems with intolerance, so we may add or replace events prior to the dates below): A Week of Diversity Celebrations - 1 - SUNDAY - Kick off event dinner / reception - 300 people, 2.5 hours 2 - MONDAY - Appreciative Practices event - 100 people, 2 hours A two hour practice in Appreciation Includes the spiritual, psychological, cultural, and practical applications 100 people, live presenter 3 - WEDNESDAY - Group Discussions around diversity and accepting the other - 100 people Small group discussion around three short diversity-oriented film clips (Clips from the films Managing diversity and Cracking the Code) 100 people, 10 round tables with 10 people each, discussing 3 video clips - 2 hours 4 - FRIDAY - respectful day 5 - SATURDAY - Nonviolent Communication Introduction - 100 people, 4 hours Introduction in the use of the tools of Nonviolent Communication Saturday morning event, 100 people in a circle, big room, live presenter 6 - SATURDAY - Closing Event dinner / reception - 300 people, 2.5 hours

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