2017 Surrey Interfaith Pilgrimage

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From 9:30 am until 5:00 pm

At Thien Ton Buddhist Temple 17192 - 96 Avenue Surrey

David Dalley / Phone: (604) 502-8661

he 2017 Surrey Interfaith Pilgrimage takes place on Sunday, February 5 as part of Surrey’s celebrations of United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week.

The purpose of the event is to bring people from diverse backgrounds and worldviews together to affirm our collective commitment to building peace and understanding in our community.

The full distance of the pilgrimage is 16.3km. Pilgrims are welcome to join in at any point along the way, or to simply participate in the start, lunch or dinner stops. Pilgrims should be physically fit enough to walk whatever distance they choose to complete.

Lunch and dinner are provided and we will have food and water stops along the way. All pilgrims are responsible for any additional food, water or supplies they may need.

Pilgrims are also encouraged to arrange for their own transportation back to the start point if they need to return to their vehicle after the pilgrimage.

Pilgrims are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather and to carry a cell phone for safety. Maps and emergency contact information will be provided to pilgrims at the start of the pilgrimage.

The following is an outline of the day:

9:30am:¬†Gather at the¬†Thien Ton Buddhist Temple¬†(? 17192 ‚Äď 96 Avenue). Washrooms are available. Park along 172nd Street. If you choose to park in Tynehead Park across 96th Ave, be aware that the gates close at dusk.

9:45am: We will participate in a short ceremony with a representative of the Thien Ton Buddhist Temple, exchanging blessings for peace and understanding.

10:00am: The pilgrimage will begin promptly at 10:00am with a short walk through the meditation garden at the Temple. We will head west on 96th Avenue, then south on 156th Street.

11:00am¬†(approx): Rest stop at¬†Northwood United Church¬†(? 8855 ‚Äď 156 Street). Washrooms and water available.¬†11:30am:¬†We will continue south on 156th¬†Street and then turn west on 84th¬†Avenue.

12:30pm:¬†Lunch¬†at¬†Laxmi Narayana Hindu Mandir¬†(? 8321 ‚Äď 140 Street). Explore the upstairs worship space and head downstairs for a full lunch provided by the Mandir. Washrooms available.

1:30pm: We will head west through the trails at the south end of Bear Creek Park, emerging at King George Boulevard and 84thAvenue. We will continue west on 84th Avenue and turn south on 132nd Street.

2:15pm¬†(approx): Short rest stop at¬†Canadian Singh Sabha Gurdwara¬†(? 8115 ‚Äď 132 Street). Water and washrooms available. We will continue south down 132nd¬†Street and turn west on 72nd¬†Avenue.

3:15pm: Afternoon prayers at¬†Surrey Jamea Muslim Masjid¬†(? 7220 ‚Äď 124 Street). Prayers start promptly at 3:15pm. Light snacks, water and washrooms available.

4:15pm: We will continue west on 72nd Avenue and head south on 122nd Street. The entrance to the back of the Gurdwara parking lot is approximately 2 blocks south on 122nd Street on the west.

5:00pm¬†(approx): Pilgrimage ends at the¬†Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara¬†(? 7050 ‚Äď 120 Street). There will be short closing ceremony. Pilgrims are welcome to rest as long as they like and¬†stay for dinner¬†provided by the Gurdwara.

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