Archive of Events

Below are the list of WIHW events that took place globally for the year of 2012.

Judaism: A World of Stories

Start: Monday 2nd of January 2012 12:00:00 AM
End: Sunday 15th of April 2012 12:00:00 AM
Location: Dam, Amsterdam, NL
In the winter of 2011-2012, De Nieuwe Kerk and the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam will present an exhibition about Judaism. With more than five hundred objects on display, this exhibition will tell the fascinating story of three thousand years of Jewish religion, culture, art and history, the chronicle of a world religion that takes diverse international forms but has always held onto its identity. The exhibits will come from internationally renowned museums and private collections, and most of them will be on display in the Netherlands for the first time. The absolute highlights will include a first-century Dead Sea Scroll from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (with reservation), the oldest complete Torah scroll, originally from Erfurt and now at the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin, valuable manuscripts, a painting by Chagall from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the Alephbet Tapestry by the contemporary Russian-American artist Grisha Bruskin.

A Gathering of Voices: Sacred Songs and Recitations for the World Interfaith Harmony Week

Start: Tuesday 7th of February 2012 12:00:15 AM
End: Tuesday 7th of February 2012 12:00:17 AM
Location: TBA, Cambridge, GB
This event will bring together, God willing, representatives of five major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, who will make harmony audible by performing for each other and the general public some of the most important recitations and chants of their respective traditions. Each performance will be briefly introduced to the audience, indicating the significance and particular importance of each piece. Traditional recitations of the Vedas, Buddhist sutras, Jewish Torah recitation and chants, Christian chants and Islamic Qur'an recitation and Sufi chants.

Salt Lake Interfaith Prayer Breakfast

Start: Thursday 2nd of February 2012 12:00:09 AM
End: Thursday 2nd of February 2012 12:00:11 AM
Location: Salt Lake City Marriot Downtown, Salt Lake City, US
The Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable celebrates the month of February as Interfaith Month. It commences the month's activities by holding a breakfast meeting (by invitation only) while at the same time joining with others around the world to recognize "World Interfaith Harmony Week." Our guest speaker is John Kesler, the title of his talk is: "Civility as the Civic Expression of the Golden Rule; The Special Role of Faith Communities in our Polarized Society." The breakfast will be followed by a seminar given by John Kesler, entitiled "Civility Outreach Training for Church Leaders and Their Faith Communities" which is open to the public.

Praying For Peace

Start: Wednesday 22nd of February 2012 12:00:00 AM
End: Wednesday 22nd of February 2012 12:00:00 AM
Location: Manly Beach, Sydney, AU
A Call to all to Pray for Peace. Praying For Peace All Welcome.

Deeksha “Awaken to the Heart of Oneness

Start: Saturday 4th of February 2012 12:00:19 AM
End: Saturday 4th of February 2012 12:00:20 AM
Location: 216 West Paxton Ave.(1170 So.), Salt Lake City, US
Come and find out what this global phenomenon is about with over 600 members in Utah. Experience the wonderful energy and transformative power of Deeksha. Deeksha is helping people of all faiths and paths move into higher states of consciousness. Over a hundred million people across the planet are experiencing this Divine Phenomenon known as Deeksha which starts a profound process of spiritual awakening in a person.

Interfaith Harmony

Start: Thursday 2nd of February 2012 12:00:10 AM
End: Thursday 2nd of February 2012 12:00:14 AM
Location: Nishkam Centre Soho Road, Birmingham, GB
Thursday 2nd February special event to mark Interfaith Harmony week at the Nishkam Centre Soho Road Birmingham UK

Sydney Interfaith Celebration

Start: Sunday 5th of February 2012 12:00:19 AM
End: Sunday 5th of February 2012 12:00:21 AM
Location: Chapel by the Sea, Bondi Beach, Bondi Beach, AU
A celebration of sacred music, ritual expression and worship dedicated to the theme of World Interfaith Harmony Week. Several ordained interfaith ministers will be involved and will bring together ritual and sacred musical expression of different religious traditions including Baha'i, Sufi, Hindu, Taize Christian and indigenous Australian.


Start: Thursday 26th of January 2012 12:00:19 AM
End: Thursday 26th of January 2012 12:00:20 AM
Location: Wait Chapel/ Wingate Hall, Winston-Salem, NC, Pfafftown, US
The Secrest Artists Series presents THE ROSE ENSEMBLE, a liturgical choir group singing songs from Jewish, Islamic and Christian traditions in medieval Spain and Portugal, January 26th, 2012 at 7:30 PM in Wait Chapel.

Harmony Walk

Start: Sunday 5th of February 2012 12:00:13 AM
End: Sunday 5th of February 2012 12:00:16 AM
Location: Blågårds Plads, København, Danmark, København, DK
In the cold Copenhagen winter afternoon we will walk together - people from all religions - from Blågårds Plads to Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen's City Hall Square. We will carry signs telling that each religion is participating to the community. On the City Hall Square we will join another Harmony event - serving Harmony Soup and having prominent speakers. In the late afternoon we will light torches to give fire and warmth from person to person, from religion to religion.

Book Launch: Qur'an and Bible Side by Side

Start: Sunday 12th of February 2012 12:00:13 AM
End: Sunday 12th of February 2012 12:00:14 AM
Location: Bentveldsweg 102, Aerdenhout, NL
Launch of an A unique anthology, placing of verses from Qur'an and Bible side by side with familiar stories ranging from Adam expelled from paradise; Noah and the flood; David and Goliath; to Mary and Jesus. The stories of Abraham, Joseph and Moses are also related in verses side by side, as are descriptions of heaven and hell. Controversial topics - the subservience of women, war and crime - are not shunned. Shared human value are likewise charted as are common attributes ascribed to god and Allah. Reflective essays are included by experts from different backgrounds. This non-partial anthology leaves readers to draw their own conclusions. Out of respect illustrations are omitted. An illustrated version is available titled: "Sharing Mary" 2010 " a timely, unique and astonishing anthology - no one thought to do this before!" prof. J.ohn Esposito, "it deserves much credit for its invaluable contribution to dialogue between Islam and Christianity." Muhammad Khan, Muslim News "Written, not in a polemic spirit of proving one religion to be superior to another, but in the spirit of reconciliation, highly recommended for anyone interested in interfaith dialogue." Simon Ross Valentine, Church Times