H.M. King Abdullah proposes World Interfaith Harmony Week at the UN

Posted on September 26th, 2010

Following is the full text of His Majesty King Abdullah’s address at the Plenary Session of the 65th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York on Thursday:

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

President Deiss,

Mr Secretary General,

Your Excellencies,

More than ever before, our world is confronting multiple global crisesة which cannot be effectively addressed, without a coordinated, multilateral action. No country can face these crises and provide for its future in isolation. The threats are globalة and so are the solutions. A strong, central role for the United Nations is essential.

It is also essential to resist forces of division that spread misunderstanding and mistrustة especially among peoples of different religions. The fact is, humanity everywhere is bound together, not only by mutual interests, but by shared commandmentsة to love God and neighbour; to love the good and neighbour. This week, my delegation, with the support of our friends on every continent, will introduce a draft resolution for an annual World Interfaith Harmony Week. What we are proposing is a special week, during which the world’s people, in their own places of worship, could express the teachings of their own faith about tolerance, respect for the other and peace. I hope this resolution will have your support.

My friends,

Another critical area for UN leadership is peaceة and one peace hangs in the balance today. With direct negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis, a door opens to a final, two-state settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflictة and the establishment of an independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian state, living side by side with Israel, will pave the way for a comprehensive regional peace.

An end to this conflict is long overdue. No regional crisis has had a longer or broader impact on global security and stability. No such crisis has been longer on the UN agenda or has frustrated peacemakers more. Every resource spent in this conflict is a resource lost for investing in progress and prosperity. Every day spent is a day lost to forces of violence and extremism that threaten all of us in the region and beyond.

People are wary of disappointmentة and spoilers are doing everything they can to make us fail. We cannot underestimate the importance of successة or the painful cost of failure. All of us need to support swift action, hard choices and real results. The alternative is more suffering deeper frustrations with spreading, more vicious warfare. Such a catastrophic scenario will continue to drag in the whole world, threatening security and stability far beyond the borders of the Middle East.

To prevent that, the talks must be approached with commitment, sincerity and courage. There should be no provocative or unilateral actions that can derail the negotiations. Instead, the parties must work hard to produce results, and quickly. That means addressing all final-status issues, with a view to ending the occupation and reaching the two-state solutionة the only solution that can workة as soon as possible. The status quo is simply unacceptableة Enough injustice, enough bloodshed.

Jordan and the rest of the Arab and Muslim worlds are committed. In the Arab Peace Initiative, we reach out to Israel with an unprecedented opportunity for a comprehensive settlementة A settlement that will enable Israel to have normal relations with 57 Arab and Muslim states, one-third of the United Nations.

Now, we reach out to you, our fellow members of this United Nations. All stand to lose if the talks fail; all gain when peace is achieved. Our global and collective influence is key. Together, we must tip the balance towards peace.

Thank you.

5 Responses to “H.M. King Abdullah proposes World Interfaith Harmony Week at the UN”

  1. Ghassan Sh. Nazzal says:

    * INTERFAITH HARMONY is the first evidence that confirms that all humans are commonly having GOOD WILL & GOOD INTENTIONS.
    * I do believe that all of us as Jordanians from all different Religions, Origins and Birthplaces are strongly supporting our King’s (H.M. Abdullah II) Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives towards the Peace, Safety and Security for all the Humans in the World.

  2. Yusri Salamah Al-Jazi says:

    Over the World , all people must support H.M. King Abdullah II. Because all the World need for peace & safety & this will not happen unless We support his efforts to achieve peace upon the World.

    As a Jordanian, I’ll do my best to publish this to all of my friends inside & outside Jordan.
    I pray to God to save our King Abdullah II.

  3. Malek TWAL says:

    Excellent initiative that deseves to be brought to the attention of everybody.

  4. Excellent. It is wonderful, that H.M. King Abdullah proposed the idea of an annual World Interfaith Harmony Week.
    As a freelance photographer and journalist my focus is very much on intercultural and interreligious dialogue and I am happy if I can contribute to this week of World Interfaith Harmony again and again.
    One of the highlights of the past year was the opening of my photo exhibition “THE HOLY LAND – in search for peace” which can still be seen in Jerusalem/Israel. With this exhibition I´d like to inspire people all over the world to believe in a united diversity. So just in case you would love to show this exhibition near you in the future, you are always welcome to contact me.

    Greetings of Peace,
    Claudia Henzler

    photos with a message

  5. Merridee LaMantia says:

    As a visual artist and in support of the first World Interfaith Harmony Week, I am creating a 5 minute projection art piece entitled Illuminating Peace. It will be projected outside from 5:30-8:30pm during Bloomington, Indiana’s monthly Friday night Gallery Walk. I hope to share it again online sometime soon after that. . .

    In solidarity for harmony on our planet in our lifetime ~
    Warmest regards, Merridee LaMantia

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