2022 Winners

The judges received 85 submitted reports for the prize from hundreds of events held in total. This is a remarkable effort given the continuing effects of the Covid pandemic worldwide. The judges are highly appreciative of all the efforts of all those who held events and applied for the prize. They wish they could reward all who held an event, but are consoled by the fact that good deeds are their own reward so that everyone who held an event—whether they applied for the prize or not—is a true winner.

In judging, the judges took into consideration the excellence of efforts, collaboration and impact of events. They looked carefully at efforts made despite scantiness of resources, unfavourable political and social climates, and also took into consideration consistent efforts made over the years. They further took into consideration whether events were consistent with the text of the UN Resolution establishing the Prize. Accordingly, judges did not reward movements towards religious syncretism but rather rewarded events which respected each religion as it is. Finally, in accordance with the terms of the Prize, judges rewarded events specifically celebrating the World Interfaith Harmony Week rather than good interfaith work in general.

Accordingly, the judges are delighted to announce:

First Prize

Interfaith Harmony Week 2022
Pastor Yohanna Buru
Kaduna, Nigeria

A team of Nigerian religious leaders and volunteers conducted a series of activities involving thousands promoting peace, tolerance, forgiveness and prayers throughout the week of harmony. Pastor Yohanna Buru led a team of volunteer Imams and pastors who took the campaign to schools, communities and ghettos, in order to dialogue, interact and inter-face with many students, women, and youth to educate them about the importance of interfaith week and harmony. The campaign would also going a long way to help toward reducing the ethno-religious instability in the northern part of the country.

Social events and sports competitions were arranged to bridge the existing gap between Muslim and Christian communities within the state. Radio, television, newspapers and social media were used to mobilise more Christians-Muslims scholars to use the week by United Nation with the aim of enlightening different faith base organization on the need to sustained peace, love, unity and forgiveness.

Second Prize (Joint)
Interfaith Harmony Week
Department of Islamic Studies, Ghazi University
Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan

The Department of Islamic Studies, Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan celebrated interfaith harmony week from 30-01-2022 to 04-02-2022. It was the first time in the history of the university as well as the city to celebrate the event with true adherence to letter and spirit. Several events were organised to raise awareness and understanding, promote friendship and celebrate love of the neighbour. These events included i) a Peace Walk ii) local lunch iii) National Seminar iv) Visit to Sikh temple v) Visit to Church.

All in all, hundreds of students and public from all communities participated in the event. There was also support from dignitaries such as Parliamentarians, Vice Chancellors, Deans, HOD's and Govt officials who graced the events and appreciated the efforts of the department.

Second Prize (Joint)
Wamala Ward Interfaith Prayers
Friends of Canon Gideon Foundation (FOCAGIFO); Community Advocates for Health, Security & Development (CA4HSD) and FOCAGIFO Hope Institute for Transformational Leadership & Development (HI-TLD)
Wamala, Uganda
Religious and community leaders from all faiths used the interfaith harmony week to celebrate community pledges to combat social problems affecting the community. Walking through the town, the youth gathered and met each other to raise awareness of the World Interfaith Harmony Week and how the community has so much in common and must work towards the Higher Good. The band joined the march until they reached their venue. Then there were speeches, songs and performances all aimed at strengthening the community to strengthen its ties and live in harmony and prosperity. It was a lively, joyous event which brought the community together. Many of the youth wore their WIHW t-shirts proudly to show how important this message was for them. A pledge was signed by many involved to always uphold the spirit of the event, which was to promote interfaith harmony and prosperity for all the community.
Second Prize (Joint)
Roots of friendship - Mariam meets Maria
URI Austria
Lienz, Austria

A group of likeminded people from different religions have been working for peace and friendship in Lienz / Austria since 1995. For this year’s WIHW we decided to make a strong, meaningful connection to 350 refugees living in a refugee camp in Northern Syria. It is our most wanted aim, that people from Lienz have a direct connection to the people in Camp MARIAM. It is not only about money but also about a lot of love.

We provided children in the camp and children in Lienz with art materials and asked them to carry out the same activity. We hung posters about world religions in a house in Lienz and asked the children in the camp to hang up posters of the 99 Names of God. We sent seeds for growing herbs and flowers and pray that our connection allows them to also grow hope. Our children in Austria have a lot of things, and will learn gratitude and resilience by connecting with the little heroes in the camps.

Many, many congratulations to the winners and to all those who took part in World Interfaith Harmony Week 2022.

All Praise belongs to God Alone.

The Judges

  • HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad
  • HB Patriarch Theophilus III – Patriarch of the Holy City, Palestine and Jordan
  • HE Sheikh Dr Ali Gomaa – former Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • HE Bishop Munib Yunan – Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, and President of the World Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches
  • Sheikh Usama al-Sayyid Al-Azhari – Professor at Al-Azhar University
  • Father Nabil Haddad – Founder and Executive Director of the Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Centre
  • Dr Minwer Al-Mheid – Director of the Royal Aal Al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought