Dinner Dialogues – “Who is my neighbor? Greater Houston, Local connections”

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The Dinner Dialogue has been a program of Interfaith Ministries for almost 10 years. In the past, it has been most often held in private homes where a group of 8-12 Houstonians from a variety of religious traditions gather to learn about one another’s faith traditions. We have also hosted a dinner at a single site where all guests were in the same location. We have held dinners that focused on certain faiths in particular and others that have focused on interfaith dialogue in general. Regardless of format or topic, the intent of the dinners has always been to provide an intimate, enjoyable environment for participants to learn about one another’s faith traditions in a respectful format.

From 6:30pm until 9:30pm

At local houses of worship


Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston / 713-533-4969

We at Interfaith Relations recognize that the Greater Houston region is not a singular community, but rather a collection of many communities. For this dinner dialogue, the purpose is to gather in smaller communities defined by the geographic regions of Greater Houston. Faith communities who are in close geographic proximity to each other will be invited to share a meal and conversation together for the purpose of connection, collaboration and community. The goal will be to have at least 3 of these events during February, with each event including a minimum of three Houses of Worship. This format may take on one of several different shapes but in each instance will be designed to have the following elements: • A shared meal at the hosting House of Worship • Participation from members of several area houses of worship • Intentional, guided conversation about what it means to be faith community neighbors • Opportunities to explore further engagement and shared experiences • Facilitation by an IMGH staff member Host House of Worship responsibilities: Provide a vegetarian friendly meal for the event Provide a person who will serve as key contact point Select a time and date that best fits the area community Work with IMGH to invite area houses of worship to participate IMGH Responsibilities: Work with host HOW to invite area participation Provide program outline for the event Facilitate the conversation and the event Promotion All materials – nametags, registration, printed materials, etc. General flow of event: Welcome (HOW host, IMGH staff) Introduction to the program Meal is served (buffet style recommended) Table conversations: (do tables need moderators?) Introductions – name, house of worship, time in community Is it important to know our faith community neighbors? Why? What are the pressing issues in this community? How would we like to be better faith community neighbors in this area? Break/Dessert & Coffee is served Large group report from table discussions/larger group conversation Opportunities for further connection and engagement Wrap-Up

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