Event Report

This interactive event offered participants simple ways to incorporate nature-based and creative aspects into everyday spiritual practice. It was designed so that participants were guided through the various activities with opportunities for question/answer, sharing, and discussion. Each day we focused on a different topic including: contemplative writing, gratitude, nature mandalas, compassion, service. This was not a sectarian offering; it was intended to support people of all faiths in finding and deepening their own relationship to self, nature, and others through peaceable, interdisciplinary practices that they create consistent with their specific beliefs. Some participants joined one day, a few attended some of the days, and a core group of folks attended all five days that this event occurred. We gathered each day (Monday Feb 1st – Friday Feb 5th) on Zoom from 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific Time/United States. Participants were kindly asked to bring any of the following that they had available: paper, writing pens, colored pens or paints, photos of nature, objects from nature (leaves, cones, flowers, shells, rocks, soil, water, etc.). Everyone was welcome. We had participants from Germany, Canada, England, a dozen states across the U.S., and other locales.