The Department of Education, as one of the supportive and leading partners for the celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week, motivates the schools under their supervision to laud the spirit of harmony and peace.

As part of their initiative, each schools conducted activities in line with the celebration. Each activity aimed to give a concrete message to the student leaders of each schools, on the essence of the World Interfaith Harmony Week. Some schools held seminar workshops engaged by the students. On these seminar workshops, students were asked to give illustrations on the current situation of the society.

Hence, they were also asked to think of a solution that they can possibly do in their own little way. These seminar workshops gave an opportunity to each students to be more actively taking part on the society to lessen violent extremism and foster harmonious community. Other schools held competitions wherein the student leaders showcase their talents. Using the art of theatre, dancing, singing, poetry, painting and speaking.

In this way, the student leaders were on the zone of projecting the spirit of World Interfaith Harmony Week celebration. This is a true image of young people who were passionate in taking part on building peace and harmony in the society. With the undying support of each school heads, the outcome of the activities made a huge impact to every participating student leader. Those activities would continue to inspire them and give them the light that despite the continuous effort of bad elements to uphold extremism, they have the abilities and capabilities to emancipate their community from such violence.

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