13th Harmony Youth Day

For 13 consecutive years, it has been an annual tradition to celebrate the Harmony Youth Day.

In this year’s collaborative celebration with the World Interfaith Harmony Week, the working committee together with the link moderators of different schools, communities and youth sectors gathered to have a concrete plan on the possible activities for the special event. After a simple yet productive meeting, the team came out with line of activities which includes the Broadway and the first ever “A Path to Harmony Project Runway”.  

Given the current situation within the city’s vicinity, the supposed motorcade before the program proper of the 13th Harmony Youth Day was cancelled. However, the participants were advised to went directly to Harmony Village as venue of the program. They were also advised that a call time of 6:30AM to 8:00AM should be strictly followed in order to have an earlier time in ending the program.   The Silpeace Youth Program gave the crowd an extravagant performance with the concept of “Flash Mob” which caught the crowd in surprise and awe. An electrifying energy was brought by performers as the crowd witnessed them. Together with them are the “A Path to Harmony Project Runway” candidates as part of their production number. The loudest cheers from the crowd made the opening salvo an extra ordinary one.  

After such, Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra, convener of the World Interfaith Harmony Week and the founder of the Silsilah Dialogue Movement gave his warm welcoming remarks to the crowd. He introduced the World Interfaith Harmony Week and its history to the crowd as well as the history of the Harmony Youth Day.  

Right after Fr. Seb’s message, the candidates for the first ever “A Path to Harmony Project Runway” which aimed to showcase the beauty of creativity and ideas of young talents in relation to the theme of the World Interfaith Harmony Week celebration. Along with their specialized costumes made from recyclable materials, the candidates confidently displayed their state-of-the-art dresses. There were 10 candidates came from 10 different participating schools who took the opportunity to exhibit their extra – ordinary talents. Each of them were given 2 minutes to give their speeches in line as well to theme of the celebration.  

Another highlight of the 13th Harmony Youth Day was the Broadway presentation of 9 participating schools showcasing their creativity in conveying message through this form of art. Each has unique story line in connection with the spirit of the celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week. The presentation brought a roller coaster to the emotions and feelings of the crowd. Each presentation lasted for 10 minutes.   In the middle of the Broadway presentation, the working committee of the 13th Harmony Youth Day select some participants from the crowd to have an interview. They have shared their insights and reflections on their experience on the Harmony Youth Day. Some of them also shared on what would be the impact of this kind of special event to the youth leaders of different areas.  

On the latter part of the program, after all the Broadway presentation, certificates were awarded to the participants as part of gratitude on their invaluable support and effort in joining the celebration of this special event. Winners on the first ever Project Runway were also awarded.   After the awarding of certificates, Ms. Aminda E. Saño, EDC, president of the Silsilah Dialogue Movement gave her closing remarks. In her speech, she congratulated the working committee as well as the facilitators of the event for a job well done. She also expressed her greatest gratitude, in behalf of Silsilah, to the participants who came a long way to join the celebration.

  On the last part of the program, the crowd were introduced to “Yesterday’s Dream”, which was translated in various local dialects and languages, as the community singing. They sang all together as they close this special event. As the program officially came to an end, all the participants took the opportunity to have some photo ops together with Fr. Seb and Ms. Aminda as a remembrance on their unforgettable experience with the 13th Harmony Youth Day.  

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