Justice & Reconciliation: Listen, Learn, and Engage

The virtual zoom event, “Justice and Reconciliation: Listen, Learn, Engage” promoted the mission and vision of WIHW, Love of God and Love of the Neighbor.  A panel of five speakers from diverse spiritualities shared how their faith has shaped their work in promoting justice and reconciliation, particularly in supporting Indigenous communities.  The five speakers identified as Anishnaabe/Odawa, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Sikh.  Participants were approximately 550, across six faith traditions, and intergenerational (youth to elderly), in the province of Ontario (Canada).  For more information please see the attached report.  To view the recording of the event, see the Video Link. (Note: The number of views registered on the YouTube video reflect those who watched after the event, some of whom are teachers showing it to classes. Thus, one view might represent 25-30 students learning from the speaker panel)