World Interfaith Harmony Peace Talk

In apropos of UN’s “Interfaith Harmony Program” World Interfaith Harmony Week, Bushra Zubair Alam and Imran Ishaq, youth leaders and organizers With Chairman Zulfeqar Al Mughal from All World Mughal Foundation,  led an event at Hyderabad Pakistan. 

Event, in the name of respect for religion as respect for humanity, saw students from various schools speaking on Peace Dialogue. Students put forth their perspective and debated through speeches, rhymes and sketches. In the capacity of judges religious scholars from various religions like Sikhism, Christianity as well as Islam also represented and delivered their speeches to reinforce the program. 

Guest speakers: 
Parkash Singh (chairman Sikh Sewa Society) 
Allama Masood Jamal (Islamic Scholar, spokesperson Islamic Unity) 
Allama Maqsood Domki (Majlis Wahdat Al Muslimeen)
Nazeer Gill (representative of Church of Pakistan)
Romas Bhatti ( Youth activist interfaith harmoney)  
Saeed Qaim Khani (director Pakistan International peace leader) 
were a name to a few. In the event it was stressed tolerance for other religions would be regarded as a gesture of humanity. 

All those who out-stood the competition were awarded certificates of recognition. In an attempt to mark as token of harmony, all the aforementioned leading scholars from various religions cut the cake jointly. 

Towards closure of the event, Zulifqar Ahmed Mughal, Bushra Zubair Alam and Imran Ishaq also addressed the participants and appreciated their active audience.