Harmony in life.. living together peacefully

As part of the World Interfaith Harmony Week / WIHW, URI Netherlands and PFI joined forces and organised an online gathering “Harmony in life... living together peacefully... ” The issue of interfaith dialogue and the language one uses in order to engage and initiate honest and positive conversations is a topic that is ever-present. Is the language of peacebuilders, for example, in harmony with peacebuilding? Or are we sometimes working counter-productively by attacking one group in favour of another? How can we work productively with enduring results? Guest speaker Sande Hart talked about “The Problem of Interfaith Community Building” Morgana gave a presentation, ‘In harmony with spiritual traditions - Bridget & the festival of Imbolc ’ A lively discussion ensued with participants sharing their experiences and views about peacebuilding initiatives, interfaith dialogue and changing the narrative to work towards greater harmony within our diverse communities.

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