Peace Talk on Radio Pakistan FM 103

National/Youth Council for Interfaith Peace and Harmony, FACES Pakistan in collaboration with Ministry of Human Rights/Minorities Affairs & Interfaith Harmony organized our second activity for world interfaith harmony week on Radio Pakistan Channel 103. Where Gurjeet Singh was representing Sikh community, Saira Butt representing Muslim community, Haroon Kumar representing Hindu community and Nabeel Anthony representing Christian community.Nabeel said while speaking to bring interfaith peace and harmony in Pakistan with full awareness. He said that we have to accept each other. God willing, even if we see some flaws in one's religion and beliefs, we have to accept each other including our own flaws because God also accepted us with our flaws. Gurjeet said, "We eat together, we sit together, and Guru Nanak of Sikhism wants the welfare of all. This is the whole message of peace."Saira said that when our Muslim Christians or people of any religion need blood, we get blood transfusions without taking into account the religious differences. We should happily value each other. Haroon Kumar said that President of Pakistan Mr. Javaid William has established mini Pakistan and he will establish a completely peaceful Pakistan little by little and we are all his planted flowers.Our message is that we cannot spread harmony & peace without following our religion because every religion teaches us love, peace and harmony.

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