"Brücken bauen - über Gremzen hinweg "

Beginning of February each year marks the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week “Building bridges across boundaries”. UPF-Germany (esp. Düsseldorf, Köln-Bonn, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe)  hosted a programme of dialogue between religions. Several speakers presented their view on essential points of their belief, among them a Lutheran Theologian, a representative of Scientology Church, an Islamic perspective from the MIHR foundation and a personal testimony on UPF-essentials. In Düsseldorf we had around 15 people as masked participants and about 48 online, with discussions after each presentation. In Stuttgart we met in Presens with 6 Guests at the Church of Scientology, we had a fruitfull dialog aferwards. Bericht Harmonyweek 2022 Einladung-Brücken bauen-220129-2 https://youtu.be/XcuHkN7YXiU