Religion and Politics Forum discussion on Interfaith Dialogue and Islam

The Religion and Politics Forum commemorated the World Interfaith Harmony Week on February 4th, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. The Forum was hosted by the organizing committee composed of several religious organizations, and participated in by around 40 people from over 10 religious organizations including Islam imam, Christian pastors, Buddhist priest and many religious activists. The event opened with Mr. Muhammet R?fat Ç?na, imam of Tokyo Camii and Turkish Culture Center, reciting the Quran. Then, Dr. Kazuko Shiojiri, specialist of Islam theology and interfaith dialogue, who is a Professor Emeritus and Former Vice President, University of Tsukuba, gave her keynote speech on the theme of “Interfaith Dialogue and Islam.” She pointed out that misunderstanding and prejudice of Islam promoted Islamophobia and emphasized the importance of mutual understanding and dialogue among different religions and cultures for making peace. The forum gave an opportunity for various background participants to develop a friendship and understanding.

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