ADR ends  WIHW with Christian Bishop blowing of the Jewish Shofar and International Conference Call

American Diversity Report ends UN WIHW observance and project development period as ADR's Bishop John Bulinda blows the Jewish Shofar at Washington State Governor's interfaith breakfast. The ADR Team launches it's five-year effort to establish Councils Against Hate worldwide. with an international conference call. Representatives of 14 US Cities, three other  US States, and our African Team Coordinator were on the call.. ADR Chief Editor Deborah Levine, recently named by Forbes magazine as " 10 Diversity And Inclusion Trailblazers You Need To Get Familiar With" and Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke's Chief of Staff Kerry Hayes laid out the plans for the establishment of Councils Against hate. Bishop John Bulinda, Elizabeth Sorenson, Representative Matt Shay Artist and musician Sandy Frazier to donate prints of Crossroads and use of her song "He Sold His Soul For Rock and Roll" (but talent really comes from God) to raise funds for ADR New Beginning efforts.

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