Paint rocks for #wihw and organise a rockpainting event for #worldinterfaithharmonyweek

Dear WIHW team, I heard on 29th of January, that there is a UN World Interfaith Harmony Week and had the idea to invite rockpainters, to paint rocks and spread the message of WIHW by leaving these rocks marked with #worldinterfaithharmonyweek somewhere for others to find. @wihweek encouraged me to go ahead inviting rockpainters and rockpainting groups to paint rocks and organise rockpainting events for the WIHW. Therefore I tried to invite others on Instagram and Facebook to join in. The information was shared on Instagram and on Facebook. Even the largest rockpainting project I know @thekindnessrocksproject made a shoutout about it in their story at Instagram. So many people around the world got to know, that there is a WIHW. Only some rockpaintes with an account on Instagram, joined in and painted rocks for WIHW. Maybe there are more, and we didn’t get to know about it: @frankenblume from Franken/Germany @hspj29 from West Germany near Netherlands @paint_a_stone from Germany leaving her rocks around Bodensee in Germany and Switzerland @msnickyrocks at the borderline between North Carolina and Virgina I also started to paint and leave rocks in Villach and in some Skiing Areas in Carinthia/Austria. Find the pictures of the rocks at our Instagram Account @friedenssteine and at the accounts of the rockpainters. My rocks are also attached with two examples how they are marked. Where I left them or will leave them, you find @friedenssteine. Parallel to this invitation we (Melanie and I) tried to organise our rockpainting event for WIHW in Villach. It was short time to organise, but it worked well – see our other report. An Information about who we are and what’s #Friedenssteine about is also attached. Best regards Eva Leifhelm PS.: I also saw that @unityartsministry postet painted rocks with #worldinterfaithharmonyweek, but I don’t know, if they knew about our invitation, or if it was their own idea.

Images for this event