Love has no boundaries

The World Religious Museum Development Foundation in cooperation with Center for Public Theology Taiwan, Anatolian Cultural Center, Center for Interfaith Understanding Singapore and Global Family for Love and Peace (GFLP) hold UN Interfaith Harmony Week activities - "Love has no boundaries” a series of activities from 5th of Feb. till 1st of March 2020. The activities including a Refugee Children’s art exhibition, three art work shops, the workshop income will donate to the refugee children. The goals of the activities are: To high light and support the interfaith co-operation by encouraging faith communities to focus on a common humanitarian issue: Children’s suffering through the global refugee crisis. Raise awareness of the refugee issue among our communities. This series of activities, involved in three different nationalities Taiwan, Singapore and USA; we hoping making a bigger impact so the refugee children's need can be hear and will get more help for them. This love is without boundaries nor religions.

Images for this event

【難民兒童畫展開展 與 跨宗教對談】跨宗教對談,共有國際難民救援組織、伊斯蘭、基督教、佛教代表,分享人道關懷及難民救援的經驗,邀請你一起與我們交流討論!FB直播連結:

Posted by 生命和平多元空間 on Tuesday, February 4, 2020