Ecumenical prayer for Peace and action “Feeding your neighbor”

All-Ukrainian Council of Religious Organizations (VRRO) together with the hosting Community St Egidi at the St Alexander Roman Catholic Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine, had ecumenical prayer for Peace. Yuryi Levanse, Head of the Community, welcomed the members of the VRRO. Rabbi Alexander Dukhovny, Chief Reform Rabbi of Ukraine, Chair of the VRRO greeted the Community and visitors and joined for the prayer. After the service there was a short discussion about the joint values of all religions, which are based on love to God and to Humans. After the ecumenical service the participants joined the St Egidi Community for the action " Cold winter: feeding your neighbors". The volunteers from the Community prepared food and together with the representatives of the religious organizations, members of the VRRO, distributed it for the need and homeless of the Independence Maidan - the main square of Kyiv.  This action will be continued every Wednesday around a year.

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