Women’s interfaith network builds bridges amid Nigeria’s violence, as Muslim and Christian Team-up  

  Muslims, Christians women team-up to heal a divided Kaduna state in order to Have a lasting peace, unity and togetherness.
The reason for this is to promote religious tolerance, better understanding among differents faith base organization in the country The team leader of the women Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani said,

 Interfaith week provide an opportunity to make friends with non muslims without considering the religions they practice.

She said the World Interfaith Harmony Week was to promote peaceful religious co-existance and dialogue on peace, share love, unity and encourage togetherness, irrespective of faith. Religious crisis seem to have eaten deep down into the soul of Kaduna state over the past few years, as it has caused a serious setback in its development in all spheres of life.

These crisis have created serious havoc on the people of the state, because it resulted to loss of lives and property worth billions of naira within these years.

Apart from loss of lives it also led to division among the people of the state, particularly Christians and Muslims. We used interfaith week to take peace campaign to various places in kaduna state north western Nigeria,so as to strengthening Relation among Muslims and Christians Ramatu said, from the 1st-7th February 2020 , they were engaged in doing many activities that deal with taking the campaign To local communities and Ghettos with the aims of promoting Tolerance and forgive among citizens .

According to her, the week is part of efforts to strengthen inter- and intra-religious relationship toward preventing and countering violent extremism and promoting peace building, reconciliation and conflict transformation, which is part of events of the ceremony worldwide.

She said that the week was also to celebrate the principles of tolerance and respect for one another which was deeply rooted in the world’s major religions. “We as  women has a great role to play in bringing back peace and unity among the citizens” This is the  6th times of organizing interfaith week and harmony in Nigeria She then called for the creation of institutes of comparative studies in the country,

saying the institutes would promote better understanding, religious tolerance, forgiveness, reduce blasphemy tendencies and continuously preach peace and harmony between Muslims and Christians. As part of the week celebration, she decided to also include a package of gift items to the best Church/Mosque cleaners to encourage them in the service of cleaning the environment of holy places.

she equally called on traditional religious believers to joining them in celebrating the week,while calling on state and federal government to be supporting peace NGOs on activities that has to do with peace promotion in the country “Christians are my brothers and sisters and as a Muslim I love visiting them, because both religions preach peace and tolerance. Attending  church service doesn’t make me become a Christian.

As a Muslim I have several Bibles at home and I read them.” While reiterating that both religions preach peace, harmony, forgiveness and tolerance, she noted, “We all are from Adam and Eve and because both Muslims and Christians have their books and scriptures that guide them, we should rely on the scriptures.”

She called on the states, federal government, non governmental organizations, civil society organizations, human right groups, traditional rulers and youth organizations to use the week to speak on need for inter-faith harmony and good will in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship.

“It is necessary for Nigerian clerics to strengthen peace and maintain the culture of visiting other clerics at their places of worship in order to teach their followers ways of tolerating other religions and the members,” she said.