Harmonizing State-Religious relations

How to harmonize State -Religious relations? Together with Kyiv region administration, Ukraine, the religious leaders of the different religions  had discuss the ways how of building the Modern Harmonious Ukrainian society. Maria Bardina, Head of the Kyiv Region Administration Department of the matters in religion, culture and nationalities, presented events and actions, which the Department organised together with the different religions groups during past few years. Rabbi Dukhovny, Chair of the All-Ukrainian Council of the Religious Organisations, Muftiy Said Ismagilov, Bishop Sergiy, Tarik Sarchan, Islam Cultural Center,  presented the activities, which their organisations are doing together with the State, such as: joint festivals; feeding homeless and needy; helping orphanages; visiting the religious congregations of other denominations, etc. The presenters underline that the Kyiv Region is one of the best in Ukraine in cooperation with the religious organisations. It was a proposition to start WIHW in other cities and towns of Ukraine and to broder the activities for the nest year.

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