Photo Exhibition "Diversity in Unity" and the Center of the Progressive Judaism of Ukraine

All-Ukrainian Council of Religious Organisations (VRRO) at the premises of the "Hatikvah of the " Center for Progressive Jewish congregations of Ukraine presented an exhibition "Diversity in Unity".  The reps of the various religious movements: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Baha’i Faith, Native Ukrainian National Faith, followers of Krishna and Buddhists, who are the members of the VRRO,  presented the sacred places, buildings, and constructions of their faith. Also,  they gave, in brief, the essence of their faith, values and believes. The participants of the presentation were convinced (and sometimes even surprised) of who many similarities are in the different religions. Rabbi Dukhovny, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Kyiv of the progressive Jewish congregations, Chair of the VRRO, summed up the opening of  the Exhibition by underlying the main idea of the WIHR: there are many roots on the one road to the Creator of the World. These roots are based of the understanding and acceptance of the choice of others, which are the fuel for the engine of Harmonious  drive to peace and dignity!

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Exhibition of Chanukiyot
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