Listening to the Statement from the Heart - Report

People of all religious and spiritual traditions and no tradition, are invited to gather with religious and community leaders from twenty organisations, to stop and listen to the Statement from the Heart, which was composed in Uluru in 2017 by over 250 representatives of Aboriginal communities. We will listen to the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in hope for reconciliation and healing our nation's broken heart. We will remember the principles we share of Love of God, or love of the Good, and Love of the Neighbour, as we reflect and respond to our Neighbours, the First Nations People of Australia, the oldest living culture on the planet.

Images for this event

2019 WIHW Reconciliation Garden
2019 WIHW Speakers
2019 WIHW Reconciliation Banner
2019 WIHW Tris Mardiastuty Speaks
2019 WIHW Bishop Peter Danaher