“Sajda” – A Soulful, Spiritual, Sufi Interfaith Musical Program

Please see our full report attached (Titled  Sajda WIHI Report Mod 2).

This "Interfaith Seminar" was held on Friday, March 1st, 2019 at 60 Cronomer Heights drive New Newburg NY. Our mission was to have a Interfaith dialogue among various faith's Spiritual Scholars i.e. Hindu, Islam, to foster interfaith harmony, understanding, and acceptance to break the walls of hate, violence, war, injustice and selfishness and to promote a just, sustainable and peaceful world. This dialogue clearly highlighted that there are more commonalities between all religions and faiths than differences and emphasizing on harmony of religions and unity of existence is the only way to make our world just, sustainable and peaceful for all. 

40+ attendees attended the Program. Audio/video of the Bhajans, With the overwhelming success and approval of this seminar, we have been invited to conduct the same seminar in various locations of the Tristate area in USA by several organizations. We have received numerous phone calls and emails from attendees offering their praise and feedback. 

Please see attached document,  (Testimonials from the Attendees of “Sajda”)

Sajda Meaning: Scriptures from all the Religions and Faith proclaim that all living being and everything else is and in the image of Almighty Supreme Divine Power what we call God by various names.Hence, to love, respect, and live peacefully with each other and take care of persons and living being in need is in truest form " Sajda", prostration to Allah and God.The Urdu word Sajda or Sajda that keeps on appearing in Hindi songs forever is an Arabic word meaning prostration to God in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.Sajda is usually done during the daily prayers.

In simpler terms, Sajda is a posture in prayer where one bends one's head in submission to God.Sajda is considered the utmost stage of submission, hence, when someone says he/she performed a Sajda, it means she/she devoted herself /himself completely to someone else. During our program, we attempted to use its meaning on a broader sense, i.e. not only prostration to Allah or God of any faith but also to any beloved, be it a Guru, Friend, Nature, lover, Spouse etc.

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