Interfaith Community Civil Dialogue Facilitator Training Workshop

We are thankful to everyone who participated in the Interfaith Community Civil Dialogue Facilitator Training Workshop on February 9, 2019!  We had over 30 people registered for this event. It was a wonderful learning experience and we now feel equipped and inspired to share the importance of civil dialogue in all of our communities. Thank you to Kristen Farrington, Executive Director of the Religious Freedom Center, for facilitating this meaningful workshop.  And thanks to Diversity Richmond for the use of their wonderful event space. The interest and engagement was inspiring and we appreciate everyone's input and participation. We are excited about the future of ICGR and the opportunity to create a new monthly interfaith civil dialogue program within the Richmond community, as a result of this workshop that we hosted during World Interfaith Harmony Week. What is "civil dialogue"?  It is authentic dialogue where genuine understanding can take place. It is thinking together through words, with no hidden agenda or goal of conversion to one point of view or another. The goal is not agreement, but for participants to bring their full authentic self while not being asked to give anything up. It is a way of openly sharing while also being open to hearing what others are sharing.

Images for this event