Love of Neighbour - our Global Connections

Open Hearts, Open Minds is a regular Cape Town Interfaith event that is designed to connect us and get the conversation going beyond the boundaries of religious difference.

Thursday 7 February: We rounded off our amazing week by co-hosting an event with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Commuity of South Africa at their Baitul Awwal Mosque in Athlone. About 50 people from a variety of religions and backgrounds attended the evening.

Titled: Reflections from the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions: Bringing it Home, speakers who had presented at the Parliament in Toronto in November were able to tell us about their experience and bring us powerful insights.

Sarah Oliver and Rev Natalie Simons-Arendse told us about how their presentation on their experiences working with the youth in the Marlene Silbert Youth Interfaith Intercultural Programme helped them to connect with other communities. It was emphasised how important the voice of the youth is, and we do hope that future PoWR events will be more accessible to younger representation.

Rev Rachel Mash of the Green Anglicans and SAFCEI mesmerised us with her presentation, A Capetonian Perspective on Climate Change and reminded us all once again how dependent we are on our planet, and how our love and respect for natural resources is a deeply embedded responsibility, a sacred practice across all faiths.

Majid Hargey read a presentation prepared by Badr Lubowa Mwanje Sahib on "Our Environment and the Teachings of Islam", once again emphasising the importance of our care for the planet that supports us. Warm gratitude to the Ahmadiyya Community for co-hosting this event with us.

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