Interfaith Harmony & Peace Event

Report Event :-01-03-2019

Minority Coverage Foundation (M.C.F) organized the event of ( Peace & Interfaith Harmony) on 01-03-2019 time 17:00hrs to 21:00hrs. at Head Office Minority Coverage Foundation Lahore.

Well come to all honorable guests and . Mr. Dr. Amjad Hussain Chishty Chief Guest of this event.

(M.C.F) All religions together on one platform how living in Pakistan. (M.C.F) start the event with the all religion prayer. 1. Muslim 2. Christan Prayar .Hindu Prayer. 4. Sikh Prayer. 5. Ale Tashi Prayer. 6. Bhai Communities.

Dialogues on Peace, Entertainment and Diner. ( Participant People near 200)

Minority Coverage Foundation (M.C.F) is delicated to work for the eradication hatred and violence from Pakistani society with continued efforts for creating culture of tolerance and peace by organizing activates of interfaith harmony. M.C.F. has considerably archived its goals to reduce the distance amongst the religions and has been successful in bringing the major religions closer to each other on one platform. M.C.F is working to uplift the under-privileged and marginalized communities through this kind of events and training for the people of our beloved country without discrimination of color, caste, creed or religion. For the peace and prosperity of our beloved country, we are also promoting interfaith harmony activities by the generous donations of God fearing people of Pakistan.

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