Love of God – our Sacred Connections

Our February Sacred Connections Interfaith Sunday was hosted by the Hare Krishna at their Temple in Claremont, Cape Town. It was Cape Town Interfaith Initiative's final February event, and the last in our 4-event WIHW series.

True to the sacred practice of Hospitality so important to the Hare Krishna way, our host Vraja Krsna Das treated us to a wonderful vegetarian lunch after our ceremony. Breaking bread together, we shared yet more of the wonderful joy of our traditions and got to know each other in a deeper way. Christians with crosses around their necks sat comfortably alongside Wiccan Priestesses in long black robes, with pentacles on their purple stoles. A Hindu woman who arrived with her Muslim friend said she had never met a Wiccan before, and neither had she ever known of Recovery Spirituality as embodied in the 12 Step Program of the AA. A Unitarian shared with us the most beautiful grace as we prepared to enjoy the lovingly prepared meal: "Knowing that all of life comes from life, may we be worthy of the Sacrifice. Amen."

Breaking down the barriers of fear and misunderstanding, we listened with loving and open hearts as the Wiccans told us of their love for nature and their commitment to doing no harm. Our hearts and our minds expanded as we heard about a path in Spiritual Recovery spanning 35 years, from a man whose experience with addiction led him into spiritual service. We were invited to think about a movement that draws and nurtures so many souls who may not find the spiritual sustenance they seek in our more established, traditional religous environments. And of course, we learned about  A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. And about Bakhti Yoga, which is why the Hare Krishna practice such open hearted hospitality.

This is what CTII Board Member Kirtanya Lutchminarayan, had to say afterwards:

"This Sunday our Sacred Connections gathering was at the Hare Krishna temple in Rondebosch, where we heard from a Hare Krishna monk, Priestesses from the Wicca religion as well as Recovery Spirituality.
This was a truly enlightening and mythbusting experience for us all. Such great energy and learnings that promote understanding, tolerance, unity in diversity, and noticing that we have more in common than we knew! All paths lead to one goal. Love and compassion was the order of the day 💕 thank you to all who attended and to Hare Krishna for the delicious vegetarian lunch."

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