Sharing the Gift of Interfaith - A day to Remember

The World Interfaith Harmony Week is a weeklong activity that was reflected every first week of February.

This celebration aims to gather people of different faiths, cultures and religions to promote solidarity and harmony through special events and activities. The activity is entitled A day to remember with the special efforts of the Caregivers of Zamboanga to gather elderly from different areas of Zamboanga City.

The President of the Association, Mrs. Luz Alma Ramos sprearheaded this activity that despite the lack of financial support, the Caregivers, themselves, shared an amount from their own pockets to make this special occasion possible.
Last February 7, 2019.

The mendicant elders were picked up from their shelters and were brought to decent venue for proper accommodation. The Caregivers bathe them, wash them, treat their wounds, brush their hairs and they also had a decent breakfast together with the Caregivers. They were given the chance to choose the dress and clothes that they want to use for the day and the Caregivers also bought them shoes and sandals to wear. They had their lunch in a fast food served with the tasty meals. The elders may not talk too much because it was their first time being invited on this kind of care-giving event but the looks in their eyes and the smiles on their faces gave a very overwhelming feeling, enough to let us know that they were grateful and happy.

The rest of the afternoon, the Caregivers treat the elders with decent haircut, make up and nail polish. They were very happy because they are clothed properly and were well taken care of. At the end of this whole day preparation, the Caregivers gathered them in the popular restaurant in the heart of the City of Zamboanga, where the elders shared their inspiring messages and appreciations that made the Caregivers felt the emotions that money cannot buy. The elders also received a souvenir —a frame with their picture that serves as a precious memory that they will forever remember.

The Caregivers felt the feeling of fulfillment and recognition that being a Caregiver and doing their own little efforts, can give very inspiring impression to people. With this, the spirit of World Interfaith Harmony Week really emphasizes the love for the common good.

We are hoping to have more “a day to be remembered” in the future with the efforts of people with sincere intents of the hearts. This may be a simple activity but this special event for sure will have a great space in the hearts, not only of the elders, but in the hearts of the Caregivers and those people out there who are disheartened in life. The Caregivers want to be a mark of optimism and courage affirming that at some point of our lives, we have to be affectionate to other people and give them a chance to be part of a very momentous event. May we be more determined and be encouraged to live up the duty of a Caregiver and spread the spirit of love to all.

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