ORGANIZED BY “Inter-Cultural Youth Council, Islamabad & SD Communities, Islamabad

INTRODUCTION: Inter-Cultural Youth Council Islamabad – Pakistan was established in the year 2016 with a group of active youth of Sector I-8/1, Islamabad – a city of Capital of Pakistan.

It was started proper functioning in the Year 2017. It is registered with URI San Francisco USA in the year 2017. The main objective of this Council is to promote Inter-Faith Peace and Harmony among the Youth in the country as well as in the world. Also to promote positive activities, give awareness to come forward to work for Environment, Health and education including Technical Education to Youth those who have not in a position to continue their studies in higher level and they would like to become earning members of their families to enable them to stand their own feets. Inter-cultural Youth Council is busy to participate and celebrates SDG’s GoalS set by the United Nations.

This Year – 2019 the United Nations earmarked February 2019 to celebrate “United Nations Inter-Faith Harmony Week” through out the world. In Pakistan it was celebrated by the Cooperation Circles of URI as well as the NGOs through out Pakistan. c 06-03-2019: Inter-Cultural Youth Council decided to celebrate “United Nations Inter-Faith Harmony Week” on 06-03-2019.

Since the Council deals in the affairs of Youth activities so it has decided to collect the Youth of this area and give them awareness about the celebration of this Harmony week at Conference Room of Anjuman Faiz-ul-Islam, Faizabad, Rawalpindi a renowned Orphanage NGO in the country. Number of about 40 youths were participated in this conference. They are Teachers, Colleges and University Students and Technical Colleges student living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Renowned Scholars from all walk of life including Professors, Social Workers and religious leaders participated in this unique Conference and expressed their point of views.

The Youth were benefited from the conference and they were very happy to attend this Conference. They have expressed their joys and said that this unique conference set their minds in a right way. This conference was a different point of view set in their minds and they enjoyed it. In his opening ceremony the undersigned (Mr. Ahmad Hussain) Chairman, Inter-Cultural Youth Council, Islamabad – Pakistan introduced the ways and means of this Conference. He informed the Youth about the necessity of this “U.N. Inter-Faith Harmony Week” set by the United Nations in the month of February 2019 upto first Week of March, 2019. He said that the people belongs to any religions, must live together and create peace among them. The all religions give them right to practice peace in their life style. If they are united, they can prove better life standard and living with peace.

In this Conference Dr. Allama G.R. Chishti Chairman UIPM Pakistan was the Chief Guest while Mr. Osman Ali Saaduldin, Chairman Sudan Communities Cooperation circle in Islamabad Pakistan was presided over this Conference. Arbab Jahinger Advocate High Court Rawalpindi, Nabi Bakhsh Sukhera Advocate, Rudy Gumban from Koria, Bashir Ahmad, from Islamabad, also attended this noble conference. Mr. Osman Ali Saaduldin, Chairman, SD Communities, Islamabad expressed his vies about the celebration of UN Inter-Faith Harmony Week and said that we are bound to celebrate this week in a befitting manner.

We are bound to observe the week set by the United Nations. Dr. Allama Abul Fateh G.R. Chashti, Chairman, Universal Interfaith Peace Mission and first world prize winner of WIHM and Gold Medal received by the King of Jordan, in his Key note address said that we are celebrating this week set by the United Nations to make awareness the people of world to keep it with peace, harmony and awareness of all Inter-Faith community to live together with peacefully.

To respect each other, to respect the all faiths and create peace among the religions The meeting was ended with a vote of thanks by the undersigned (Mr. Ahmad Hussain) Chairman and organizer of this Conference. The meeting with a small entertainment to the participants.

A group Photo of participants was taken at the conclusion session. ( Ahmad Hussain ) Chairman / Coordinator URI, Inter-Cultural Youth Council, Islamabad 06-03-2019