Tictapul National High School is one of the many Department of Education secondary schools here in Zamboanga City that has committed to participate in the World Interfaith Harmony Week. The moderator of the school initially submitted a draft copy of the plan of activities for them to include in the WIHW 2019.

On their initial proposal, they included Eucharistic Celebration (Holy Mass) as one of the opening highlights but due to the schedule and availability of the priest, it was moved to other date.

Another highlight was the Peace Wall: Mural Painting activity by their students from different grade level. It was a contest among the students to motivate them on how they interpret the theme of the World Interfaith Harmony Week into a meaningful mural art painting. The extra ordinary creativity of these young people clearly manifest that the future generations have their own way of promoting peace and harmony. They also conducted a slogan and poster making for the students to fully grasp the message of the theme and transformed it in their literary understanding.

In addition, they also have a “Diverse Cultural Attire Presentation” which were participated by the students and teachers of their school. This was considered as the festive day for the school. It was the moment when the teachers and students dressed up with the most colorful, most elegant and most attractive cultural attire in the campus. This symbolized their appreciation with the different and diverse culture, traditions, ethnicity and belief as to embrace sense of individuality and uniqueness.

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