World Interfaith Harmony Week 2019 - Zamboanga

In the Celebration of the WIHW, We had a deeper understanding with Cultural Diversity. Truly, the differences of people can be accepted, if we learn to have a sense of respect and tolerance. Peace is very challenging especially here in Mindanao. However, people with genuine hearts and intentions will work together to achieve dialogue and peace. We are hoping for more meaningful activity of interreligious gathering and to inspire people to internalize the spirit of WIHW not only during the first week of February but every day.

Silsilah Dialogue Movement in the frontline of this celebration will continue with their journey and mission with the spirit of truth, sincerity, and forgiveness. Padayon! February  1

• Sharing the message of WIHW in Congregation Prayer. this activity is a special occasion where we share the message of the WIHW in the congregation prayer. It aims to build friendship and harmonious relationship among people of different religions and cultures. The special event was sponsored by Muslim Communities, Mosque, Madaris and Alive teachers.
• Forum with Tricycle Operators and Drivers – this is an activity sponsored by Responsible Union of Empowered Drivers Association or RUEDA and Trycicle Operators and Drivers Association TODA. This special activity aims to present to the Zamboanga City drivers the essence of WIHW in order for them to share it to their passengers.
• Peace and Human Security Institute sponsored by Commission on Human Rights  The advocacy campaign on culture of peace aims to encourage the youth leaders to be active in peace building and campaign against violent extremism. the students were asked to share their insights about violence and their hopes for better community.
• Ecumenical prayer sponsored by Department of Social Welfare and Development Regional Office. The activity is to gather people of different cultures, religions and traditions to be in solidarity with the WIHW Celebration.
• A gathering of the path to Healing and Prevention through signing of the Peace Covenant  in Tulungatung NHS – this activity is sponsored by tulungatung national high school – peace education program. This activity ended with a peace covenant to formally establish tulungatung national high school a zone of peace and conflict free one.     February 2
• Zamboanga City Jail Theatre Play – this initiative is added to the weekly formation given in the ZC jail by Silsilah to strengthen their ongoing formation in the spirit of truth, sincerity and forgiveness. This activity is sponsored by Zamboanga City Jail – Reformatory Center.
• 13TH HARMONY YOUTH DAY – This activity is sponsored by the Silsilah Dialogue Movement. Since 2006, Silsilah has been celebrating harmony youth day. This activity creates avenue for young people of diverse cultures and religions to come together to experience a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and co-existence. This marked us the 13th harmony youth day, where the youth showcase their creativity in relation to the WIHW theme.   February 3
• NCMF LEADERS SUMMIT – in relation with the WIHW 2019, the NCMF in collaboration with SDM conducted delegates from Malaysia and Indonesia. The delegates celebrate the special event which impresses us that peace will be achieved if people with sincere hearts will have the sense of acceptance despite of differences.  This symbolic activity inspired people to do more for a better world and restored humanity. This activity is sponsored by Silsilah Dialogue Movement and the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos.
• Eucharistic Celebration and services in different Christian Communities.– despite of the heightened security in the city, the spirit of the WIHW has been spread through Eucharistic celebration. This prayer invites Christians to internalize the spirit of celebration. This activity is sponsored by Commission on IRD of the Archdiocese of Zamboanga and other Christian Churches.     February 4
• Flag ceremony activity Zamboanga city hall. This activity was sponsored by the interfaith council of leaders, schools and other government institutes. On the 4th day of the special event, the city government gave attention by commemorating the WIHW during the FLAG Ceremony activity witnessed by the people in the City of Zamboanga.
• UNIFAST THE Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education SPONSORED THIS SPECIAL ACTIVITY. IT allows THEM to improve, strengthen and expand the quality education for tertiary education. This special occasion is to create an atmosphere that promotes positive and harmonious attitude on education and learning.   February 5
• Neighbors in harmony – sponsored by the Silsilah Dialogue Movement, Emmaus Dialogue movement.  the WIHW celebration was celebrated in Baluno, a barangay located in a mountainous part of zamboanga. The people of the community felt that they are part of the celebration. The community is hoping for more meaningful gathering where they can reflect and share good relationship among people in the community.
• FORUM ON EARLY BREAST CANCER DETECTION- With the spirit of the WIHW, the Mindanao breast cancer support and empowerment association inc., conducted a forum on early detection and prevention of breast cancer for  women from the different puroks of barangay sinunuc  zamboanga city. This activity increases the knowledge that early detection of dis disease can give people and survivors a quality life.     February 6
• Symposium on Dialogue with Creation – on the celebration of the WIHW, Silsilah held a symposium focusing on Dialogue with creation. Silsilah has been giving special attention to creation as a part of its initiative. Our environment has always been a part of our survival and we are called to be the stewards of creation. Silsilah Dialogue Movement as the frontline of this mission held a successful event and will continue to do more in line with this initiative. This activity is sponsored and organized  by Silsilah Dialogue Movement.   February 7
• A day to remember This is a very special activity where elderly were given the opportunity to be part of the WIHW Celebration. This activity Sponsored by the Zamboanga Caregivers Association, the activity aims to give love and care to mendicants with the spirit of the WIHW theme: “Celebrating Trust, Sincerity and Forgiveness.  
• Blood and Milk letting The Zamboanga City Medical Center Human Milk bank and hospital blood bank conducted and sponsored the activity in line with the spirit of the WIHW. This activity aims to help babies and adults to save lives and promote cultural and religious tolerance. Throughout this activity, Physical and Cultural sensitivities are very much considered and respected.

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