Interfaith Harmony Halifax: "Discovering the Many Faces of Faith" - WIHW 2019 All Events

Interfaith Harmony Halifax (IHH) is a community award-winning collaborative organization whose purpose is to promote the vision of the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW), which is “Love of God, the Good, and Neighbour”.  We are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We represent people of diverse faiths and good will, as well as diverse community partners and cultures. 2019 is our sixth year of celebrating WIHW in Halifax. The five elements of our program included: 1. Meeting Our Neighbours: Visits to Sacred Spaces 2. Interfaith Engagement Certificate Program 3. NEW IN 2019 Interfaith Panel Conversations 4. Community Celebration of Interfaith Harmony 5. NEW IN 2019 Establishment of Barho Family Interfaith Youth Award