INTERFAITH BLOOD DONATION CAMP For the Benefit of Thalassemia Patients

As a part of World Interfaith Harmony Week Celebration, I, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Ambassador – Parliament of the World’s Religions had organized an INTERFAITH BLOOD DONATION CAMP for the Benefit of Thalassemia Patients at Vadodara (Gujarat) India in presence of different faith leaders in prestigious Hindu Temple in Vadodara City (Gujarat) India in collaboration with different faith organizations namely (01) Antarrashtriya Pushtimargiya Vaishnava

Organization – Gujarat State (Hindu Religious Organization) (02) Saksham – (Interfaith Voluntary Organization) working for the handicapped (03) Miskin Education Trust (Muslim Organization) (04) Gurudvara Nanakwadi – Sikh Organization (04) Shankheswar Parshwanath Derasar (Jain Shrine) (05) Tadbeer Foundation (Shia Muslim Organization) (06) Dwarkadhish Sukhdham (Hindu Temple) . Shia Muslim Religious Leader Bhaisaheb Zulqarnain, Sunni Religious Maulana Kari Mohammad Anus, Shri Gurudayal Singhji (Sikh Religion), Shri Prakashbhai Sheth (Jain Religion), Antarrashtriya Pushtimargiya Vaishnava Parishad and Mr. Kunal Sharma from Youth Parliament had supported the Blood Donation Camp.

They remained present with their religious followers and donated 400 units of blood against the target of 300 units.

This was the first time that Hindu Temple had given place within the Hindu temple and actively supported for blood donation. Religious heads of Muslim (Shia and Sunni both), Jain, Sikh, and Christianity remained present within temple complex for the blood donation for the benefit of the thalassemia patients. The event was hosted at the Shri Dwarkadhish Sukhham Hindu Temple, Vasundhara Society with support from Hindu, Muslim, Jain and Sikh traditions.

42 Thalassemia patients had been given consulting and medicines and other required materials free of cost.

This was a unique interfaith program for the cause of Thalassemia patients. Dr. Shah, Ambassador - Parliament of the World's Religions was so inspired by the success of the donation drive that he has decided to host one every three months and has formed an interfaith committee dedicated to supporting Thalassemia patients through this work.

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