Interreligious Harmony Walk

Date: February 23rd, 2019
Venue: TOKYO, Japan
Organizer: Youth and Students for Peace-Japan

“Interreligious Harmony Walk” was held in Tokyo, Japan on Feb 23 related with UN Interfaith Harmony week. The theme of the event was “Let’s understand and realize the world of One Family under God from Youth”. This time. 26 youth joined the event and went around three religious places such as Islam Mosque, Orthodox Church and Protestant Church and listened about their beliefs of each religions. Especially, the participants had a great opportunity to exchange the youth community of the protestant church and had a nice time to progress their understanding of the importance of spiritual value and roll of religions. One participant shared her reflection “I felt that the real role of religion is for creating Peace. We understood that religions can unite into one centering on God if we discuss and consider the commonsense of each religion.” 

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interreligious Harmony Walk