"Rain of friendship"

During the whole month we invited children, young people and adults to initiate a "Rain of friendship". First they read the story "The little owl" about the question "who created everything" and talked about different beliefes. Than they wrote blessings on eatable paper with non toxic colours and put it in the water of rivers. So this pieces of love travelled through the landscape and the sun made clouds of them, who hopefully reached a lot of different countries. To rain blessings and love where they are most needed. About 400 children and 100 adulds were active until now in our region. All had so much fun with this idea and it was also proposed on the URI Homepage worldwide and Facebook page. So we hope, that a lot more of clouds full of love surrounded the planet. This project is still going on and soon refugees will send blessings of peace with the river in their home country too.

Images for this event