Exhibition and information about different religions for elderly people

In our big house for elderly people we organized an exhibition with posters from the Worldethic Institute in Germany about "Worldreligions - Worldpeace - Worldethic" and with magazines full of more information. Men and women who attended the weekley catholic ceremony could walk by and read about Islam, Sikhs, Buddhisms, Baha'i and more. This generation has a lot of fear from other religions and therefore we decided to offer some new information to talk about in a short way. In another year we organized talks with a women from Kenya, who told the inhabitants, that in her country old women have a very high status, because great-grandmothers are the only ones, who are allowed to pray for their family under a holy tree. On Saturday, March 9th, we will invite them to join the WIHW project "Rain of friendship" and write blessings on eatable paper, to send them with the river in the world.

Images for this event