Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Myanmar

This unique event was a national and international conference jointly organised by the Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) and the Protestant Faculty of Theology/University of Muenster (WWU), sponsored by the German Research Fondation (DFG). It was held in Yangon/Myanmar from 5th to 8th of February 2019 at the MIT. The nineteen participating experts come from Australia, India, Thailand, SingaporeDenmark, Estonia, Germany and from different regions in Myanmar. The conference dealt with the very sensitive issue of how ethnic and religious identity intersect a diverse nation such as Myanmar. The aim was to explore how Myanmar’s rich ethnic and religious diversity can be respected and honoured, so that it may contribute to a peaceful and fruitful cohabitation for the common benefit of all people in Myanmar.  The findings of the conference will be published in 2020. The program and some images are attached.  

Images for this event