World Interfaith Harmony Week by Carmen Balhestero

During the World Interfaith Harmony Week, Carmen Balhestero held three in-person events at Fraternidade Pax Universal to promote peace and knowledge about many different spiritual traditions. The events, which were live streamed on Facebook, focused on peace prayers (Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Bahaist, Hinduist, African Native, Shintoist, Jainist, Sikh, Theosophist), meditations and mantras that were recited in the name of respect and tolerance. Also, the campaign were promoted on Carmen's social medias to engage people from all the Brazilian states - and not just from São Paulo, where Fraternidade Pax Universal is located. Moreover, for she wanted the ecumenical peace prayers to result in something good for other people, Carmen asked each person who wanted to join in her in-person events to bring one item of nonperishable food. At the end of the World Interfaith Harmony Week, she made a donation to several institutions which help poor families, orphan children and old people in need, such as Abrigo Saint Germain (number: 55113906-8474), Lar da Criança São Leopoldo (number: 55112261-3960), Grupo Espírita Esperança (number: 55119412-0609), Associação das Damas de Caridade São Vicente de São Paulo (number: 55113227-5102), Lar Infância Nice (number: 5511 2941-5900).

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