Interfaith Municipal Ceremony

The URI CC Curitiba contributed and participated in an interfaith event at the City Hall of Curitiba on January 21, on the occasion of the National Day of Combat of Religious Intolerance and also celebrating the World Interfaith Harmony Week.

More than 60 representatives and leaders of religions and spiritualist organizations were present.  

Message by Luiz Omar, coordinator of URI CC Curitiba:   Being and Living, we live under a deep and magnanimous auspice. The Power and Energy of the Cosmic Mother, gives birth to a new humanity, where what we understand and assimilate as concepts, forms and postures, created a new Being and Life.

New approaches and recognition of common values have created new alliances that have united the best found in us and have given greater expression to our lives as planetary citizens, sharing all the promising achievements in each area of Being and Living. We are no longer the same and the apparent distraction of our young people can only be a waiting time, to assimilate and express clearer, faithful and dignified commitments, at first with specific groups, soon with humanity.

All with greater harmony with the Soul and the Divine Spirit that inspires it to express more accurately the Being and Living. Let us be attentive to the insinuations, requests and internal commands, for this is our moment to reveal and awaken the Being that will propitiate and enable a new and splendorous Living. All in unison with Planetary One Life. Happiness and Peace, Luiz Omar.

Images for this event