Technology and its impact on family and Society during the Celebration of WIHW

We see lots of Youths don’t follow any rules of morals in their behaviours either with talking with their parents inside homes , or in their street with their neighbors , peers , colleagues and their Principals or directors in their works .

What is the main impact in their behaviours to see our youths today in bad morals and behaviours? Is It bad use of technology?? or bad and stuff behaviour of parents towards their sons and daughters? or corporation inside society ???.

We as members of Assuit Alliance for woman , discussed such topic in a big Seminar to find Solution for this issues which lead all society to degeneration. So, We have Set this big Seminar to discuss the causes for this problem by  demonstrate a good Speech presented by Sheik Sayed Abdel Aziz the general Security of Egyptian Family Home Of Assuit Governorate , The Professor Dr. Afaf Principal of Assuit Alliance for Woman presented her speech also about the first time her Association set a celebration to welcome  World Interfaith Harmony Week and she promised to celebrate each year.

After that Mrs. Eman presented her presentation about the topic of the event and presented A  Song of Peace , in addition to that, Dr. Mona presented an excellent talk about science and Mind. Finally we  watch a Wisdom  of Day ( Age doesn't measure by number" and eat our meal.

Thank you world Interfaith harmony week that gathered us and motivated us to meet principals and find solution for issues in our society and globally.

Thank you King Abdullah in Advance for his great initiative of Love of God , Love Of Neighbour  or Love of Good , love of Neighbour.